Jon’s purpose-built studio can accommodate up to four live musicians, and he has easy access to excellent local larger-scale studios for recording larger ensembles, including Real World Studios and Christchurch Studios in Bristol.

He feels that live musicians always bring a unique and thrilling contribution to productions, and he has a network of outstanding live instrumentalists with whom he regularly collaborates, ranging from virtuoso jazz musicians to early music specialists.

The studio kit-list is always evolving, but Jon’s core set-up consists of:

2017 iMac
Mac Pro
Mac Mini x2 slaved over VSL
PC x 2 slaved over VSL
Pro Tools 12
Logic Pro
Ableton Live
Preamps / Interface
UAD Apollo Quad interface
RME Fireface 800 interface
Focusrite ISA Two preamp
Mics include
Royer 121 ribbon mic
Rode NT4 stereo mic
Rode KT2 valve mic
Shure SM58 & SM57
Line CM3 x 2
Virtual Instruments include
Spitfire Audio
Vienna Symphonic Library
East West Platinum Orchestra
LA Scoring Strings
Cinesamples Brass & Winds
StormDrum 2
Synths (software) include
Arturia V-collection
Omnisphere 2
U-he Zebra
U-he Diva
U-he RePro-1
Rob Papen Blue
Synths (hardware)
Dave Smith Prophet 12
Access Virus
Arturia MiniBrute
Korg MS20
Korg MicroKorg
Yamaha DX7
Other instruments include
Broadwood upright piano (1923)
Bass, acoustic & classical guitars
Gender (from Javanese gamelan)
Extensive winds and percussion collection including Chinese tam-tam, djembe, berimbau & Javanese sulings.