Jon’s purpose-built studio can accommodate up to four live musicians, and he has easy access to excellent local large-scale studios for recording larger ensembles, including Real World Studios and Christchurch Studios in Bristol.

He feels that live musicians always bring a unique and thrilling contribution to productions, and he has a network of outstanding live instrumentalists with whom he regularly collaborates, ranging from virtuoso jazz musicians to early music specialists.

The studio kit-list is always evolving, but Jon’s core set-up consists of:

Mac Pro x2
Mac Mini x2 slaved over VSL
PC x 2 slaved over VSL
Pro Tools 9
Logic Pro
Digital Performer
Ableton Live
Preamps / Interface
RME Fireface 800 interface
Focusrite ISA Two preamp
Neve 1073 preamps x2
Mics include
Royer 121 ribbon mic
AKG C414
Rode NT4 stereo mic
Rode NT1a condenser mic
Shure SM58 & SM57
Line CM3 x 2
Virtual Instruments include
Spitfire Audio
Vienna Symphonic Library
East West Platinum Orchestra
LA Scoring Strings
Cinesamples Brass & Winds
StormDrum 2
Synths (software) include
Arturia V-collection
Omnisphere 2
U-he Zebra
U-he Diva
U-he RePro-1
Rob Papen Blue
Synths (hardware)
Access Virus
Arturia MiniBrute
Korg MicroKorg
Yamaha DX7
Other instruments include
Broadwood upright piano (1923)
Bass, acoustic & classical guitars
Gender (from Javanese gamelan)
Extensive winds and percussion collection including Chinese tam-tam, djembe, berimbau & Javanese sulings.