audio drama

Jon has composed / sound designed across most BBC radio drama formats, including Drama on 3, Afternoon Drama, Saturday Drama, 15-Minute Drama, The Wire & Between The Ears, with producers including Tim Dee, Neil Gardner, Emma Harding, Melanie Harris, Judith Kampfner, Nadia Molinari, Jeremy Mortimer, Mary Ward-Lowery, Monica Whitlock and Sasha Yevtushenko. He’s also actively involved in BBC R&D’s ongoing research into 3-D audio drama.

“Jon really understands how radio works – his score for The Time Machine was in complete sympathy to the needs of the play. He works quickly, his music is fantastic, and he is great to work with.” (Jeremy Mortimer, former head, BBC Radio Drama)

Seven Dead, 46 Injured: One Chicago WeekendBBC World ServiceThe DocumentaryPhilip Reevell
 Unicorns, AlmostBBC Radio 3 Drama on 3 Jon Nicholls 
 Henry IV Part 1BBC Radio 3Drama on 3Sally Avens
The Ballad Of the BladeBBC Radio 4composed featureMonica Whitlock
The Ballad Of the FixBBC Radio 4composed featureMonica Whitlock
Iphigenia In CrimeaBBC Radio 3Drama On 3Emma Harding
BelovedBBC Radio 415 Minute DramaSasha Yevtushenko
Earthsea Series 1 & 2BBC Radio 4 Extra2x 10-episodesSasha Yevtushenko
Tess In WinterBBC Radio 4Afternoon DramaMary Ward-Lowery
Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle MaintenanceBBC Radio 4Saturday DramaMelanie Harris
Ballad of the Burning BoyBBC Radio 3The WireMelanie Harris
The Turning ForestBBC Radio 4 Eloise Whitmore
What I Heard About IraqBBC Radio 4Friday DramaTim Dee
*Jury Special Mention
Prix Italia 2008   
In MemoriamBBC Radio 4Afternoon DramaTim Dee
The Broken WordBBC Radio 4Afternoon DramaTim Dee
The Histories of HerodotusBBC Radio 3Drama on 3Tim Dee
Laurels and DonkeysBBC Radio 4Afternoon DramaTim Dee
ErebusBBC Radio 4Afternoon DramaTim Dee
A History Of British WeatherBBC Radio 410 x episode serialTim Dee
Clouds In TrousersBBC Radio 415 Minute DramaTim Dee
Five Fever TalesBBC Radio 415 Minute DramaTim Dee
Pink MistBBC Radio 415 Minute DramaTim Dee
The QuestBBC Radio 415 Minute DramaTim Dee
FaustBBC Radio 415 Minute DramaTim Dee
Babel’s TowerBBC Radio 3Drama on 3Tim Dee
Spring StormBBC Radio 3Drama on 3Laurie Sansom
At The Mountains of MadnessBBC Radio 4 ExtraserialNeil Gardner
The Shadow Over InnsmouthBBC Radio 4 ExtraserialNeil Gardner
The Tales of Max CarradosBBC Radio 4 ExtraserialNeil Gardner
The Time MachineBBC Radio 3Drama on 3Jeremy Mortimer
Cat on a Hot Tin RoofBBC Radio 3Drama on 3Andy Jordan
Caesar Price our LordBBC Radio 4Afternoon DramaNadia Molinari
Between FriendsBBC Radio 4Friday DramaNadia Molinari
Water Towers Of New York (composed feature)BBC Radio 3Between The EarsJudith Kampfner
*Silver Award
New York Festivals International Radio Awards
Drone PilotsBBC Radio 4Afternoon DramaJudith Kampfner
It’s Better With AnimalsBBC Radio 4Afternoon DramaJudith Kampfner
Amah In The BathtubBBC Radio 4Aternoon DramaJudith Kampfner