In the drop-down ‘music’ menu above, and also below, you can find brief clips of Jon’s music, organised (very loosely) by style:

acoustic  |  ambient  |  cinematic (action)  |  cinematic (orchestral)  |  comedy / quirky  |  documentary themes  |  drama themes  | electronic / contemporary  |  guitars  |  period / historical  |  pianos  |  retro |  sound design  |  sparse  |  choral / vocal  |  world

Jon delivers audio and music solutions to clients including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, the National Theatre & the Royal Shakespeare Company. He works from his own broadcast-standard Logic / Pro Tools-based studio near Bristol.

Although many of his scores are realised electronically, he’s composed for live forces ranging from string quartet to full symphony orchestra, and has a large network of highly experienced professional instrumentalists to call on, with whom he’s worked extensively.